Although the United States covers so much land and the land produces far more food than the present population needs,its people are by now almost entirely an urban society Less than a tenth of the people are engaged in agriculture and forestry(林业),and most of the rest live in or around towns,small and large.Here the traditional picture is changing:every small town may still be very like other small towns,and the typical small town may represent a widely accepted view of the country,but most Americans do not live in small towns any more.Half the population now lives in some thirty metropolitan areas(1arge cities with their suburbs、of more than a million people each—a larger proportion than in Germany or England,let alone France.The statistics(统计)of urban and rural population should be treated with caution because so many people who live in areas classified as rural travel by car to work in a nearby town each day.As the rush to live out of town continues.rural areas within reach of towns are gradually filled with houses,so that it is hard to say at what moment a piece of country becomes a suburb But more and more the typical American lives in a metropolitan rather than a small town environment.

36.If now America has 250 million people.how many of them are engaged in agriculture and forestry?

A.about 25 million.

B.More than 25 million.

C.Less than 25 million.

D. Less than 225 million

37.Which of the following four countries has the smallest proportion of people living in metropolitan areas?

A.United States.




38.What’s the meaning of the word“metropolitan”in the middle of the passage?

A .Of a large city with its suburbs.

B.Of small and large towns.

C.Of urban areas.

D.Of rural areas.

39.According to the passage,what can we learn about small towns in the United States?

A Most small towns become gradually crowded

B.Small towns are still similar to each other.

C.As the traditional picture is changing,towns are different.

D .Small towns are turning into large cities

40.Why is it hard to say when a piece of country becomes a suburb?

A.Because they are the same.

B.Because the rush takes place too quickly

C.Because the process is gradual.

D.Because more and more Americans live in metropolitan










1、我国古代最伟大的现实主义诗人是( C )

A、屈原 B、白居易 C、杜甫 D、辛弃疾

2、山水田园诗具有苏轼所说的“诗中有画”的特点的诗人是( A )

A、王维 B、刘禹锡 C、张继 D、杜牧

3、《武陵春》(风住尘香花已尽)的作者是( C )

A、李煜 B、柳永 C、李清照 D、秦观

4、“只恐双溪舴艋舟,载不动许多愁”出自( C )

A、 李煜《虞美人》 B、柳永《八声甘州》

C、李清照《武陵春》 D、苏轼《水调歌头》

5、中国最早的著名田园诗人是 ( C )

A屈原 B孟浩然 C陶渊明 D王维

6、下列诗句中,没有运用比喻修辞手法的是( A )



C 离愁渐远渐无穷,迢迢不断如春水。

D 试问闲愁都几许?一川烟草,满城风絮,梅子黄时雨。

7、提出“文章合为时而著,歌诗合为事而作”的唐代诗人是( D )

A李白 B元稹 C 杜甫 D 白居易

8、与杜牧共称为“小李杜”的是( C )

A、李贺 B、李白 C、李商隐 D、李德裕

9、下列词人中,其作品以风格婉约著称的是( C )

A、辛弃疾 B、苏轼 C、李清照 D、陆游

10、北宋第一个专力填词并大量制作慢词的词人是( D )

A苏轼 B秦观 C欧阳修 D柳永

11、以“扫胡尘、靖国难”为生平志事的诗人是( A )

A、陆游 B、杨万里 C、杜甫 D、王昌龄

12、唐代与白居易一起领导新乐府运动的作家是( C )

A、柳宗元 B、王维 C、元稹 D、李商隐

13《漱玉词》的作者是宋代著名女词人( A )

A、李清照 B、薛涛 C、吴文英 D、朱淑真

14、“无边落木萧萧下,不尽长江滚滚来”是杜甫《登高》一诗中的( B )

A、首联 B、颔联 C、颈联 D、尾联

15、陆游运用鲜明的( A )手法写了“关山”内外三种人物在“月”下的不同境况和感情。

A、对比 B、象征 C、比兴 D、用典


Friendship is unconditional and uncritical, based only on mutual respect and the ability to enjoy each other’s company. These authority figures never saw the way one of us could do something outrageous, and the rest of us would joke about it for days. We could have fun doing absolutely nothing at all―because the (1)_______ we provided each other with was enough. Rather than discussing operas, Lewinsky, or the weather, we enjoyed just (2)_______ each other without any one of us trying to outsmart the others. Still, I realize that these adults had a(3)_______ to be concerned about the direction my friends were(4)_______; I also was concerned for them, but I wasn’t about to (5)_______ them.

Many times I would advise my friends that some activity may be (6)_______ or to think things through before doing something, but I would never claim to hold the moral high ground and to condescend to them. When Marvin would begin rolling joints, when Alisa would tell me she skipped school because of a hangover, or when Merriam would tell me that her new boyfriend was in a street gang, I expressed my discomfort with their (7)_______. However, I never (8)_______ them with the threat of taking my friendship away. Contrary to the commercials on television, you can have (9)______ who use drugs. In fact, probably everyone does without (10)______ it.

1. A. gift B. present C. company D. friendship

2. A. hanging around B. learning from C. communicating with D. joining in

3. A. prejudice B. point C. suggestion D. situation

4. A. giving B. coming C. heading D. facing

5. A. ignore B. upset C. blame D. leave

6. A. crazy B. dangerous C. boring D. important

7. A. action B. lessons C. words D. thoughts

8. A. force B. threaten C. persuade D. cheat

9. A. friends B. girlfriends C. classmates D. brothers

10. A. hearing B. recognizing C. realizing D. knowing




base on 在……的基础上

provided sb. with sth. 给某人提供某物

be concerned about 关心

hang around 闲荡


1. C 由首句可知,只要我们在一起(company) 就已经足够了

2. A 由上下文可知,大家只是享受那份闲来荡去(hang around)的惬意。

3. B 由其后作定语的不定式短语可知。

4. C 因direction 后是定语从句,所以要填表示“朝着某个方向行进”的heading。

5. D 从下文可看出,不管朋友有什么样的表现,我都不会和他们绝交(leave them)。

6. B 由前文的“提醒(advise)”和后文“三思而后行”可知,有些活动是“危险”的。

7. A 指上文列举的“吸大麻”、“逃学”、“交街上小混混做男友”等之类的不良“行为”。

8. B 由语境可知,是用绝交来“威胁”他们。

9. A 指任何人都有可能有不良行为的“朋友”。

10. C 由前句可知本句意为每个人都有这类朋友,只是没“意识到”而已。


1、—English has a large vocabulary, hasn’t it?

—Yes. ______ more words and expressions and you will find it easier to read and communicate.

A. Know

B. Knowing

C. To know

D. Known

2、We agree to accept______ they thought was the best tourist guide.

A. whichever

B. whoever

C. whatever

D. whomever

3、—What do you think made Mary so upset?

— ______her new bike.

A. Lost

B. As she lost

C. Losing

D. Because of losing

4、—Mr. Wang ,whom would you rather ______ the important meeting?


A. have attend

B. have attended

C. having attend

D. have to attend

5、This is the main use that the scientists mak e______ natural resources.

A. in

B. up of

C. from

D. of

6、It is______ any wonder that his friend doesn’t like watching television much.

A. no

B. such

C. nearly

D. hardly



就是在作题的过程中要善于利用and, but等并列连词。若前面是个句子,后面也是个句子,反之亦然;若连接的是几个动词,这几个动词也必定是同一时态或同一形式。此题第二个and后面是个句子,所以前面也必定是一个句子,但是前面这个句子没有主语,只能选用动词原形,构成一个祈使句,因此答案是A。 


就是将起干扰作用的定语从句、介词短语或插入语,如I think/ suppose/believe,do you think/ suppose/believe, you know,of course等删除,从而更容易地选出正确答案。此题去掉插入语they thought ,可知宾语从句缺主语,又能与the best tourist guide 搭配的,只有答案B。 


口语中会使用一些省略句,作题是若将被省略的成分补充完整,答案就会一目了然。此题将答句补全,就是her new bike made Mary so upset。显然,只能选C,用动名词作主语。 


有时将题干的句式转换成自己更熟悉的句式,就很容易选出正确答案。如:将疑问句、强调句、感叹句或倒装句改为陈述句,将被动句改为主动句,将无序句调整为正常句。此题若将疑问句改为陈述句,就是I have Tom attend the important meeting。其中would rather后必须跟动词原形,have sb do sth.所以选A。 


有些试题的考本来十分简单,但命题者却通过使用定语从句,或者将我们十分熟悉的固定词组有意拆开,重新组合,使我们在结构上产生错觉。that the scientists make…是定语从句,关系代词that是代表先行词use的,将其置入定语从句中,就得到that the scientists make use..显然是考查make use of 这一词组。正确答案是D。


此题的关键词是any, 因为any常用于疑问句、否定句或条件句中,而此句不是疑问句,也不是条件句,所以应该是否定句。no本身就相当于not any,于是排除A因此,正确答案D(hardly=almost not)。