1.There are many different opinions among people as a ...,some people suggest that...


  2.Today... which have brought a lot of harms in our daily life.First,...Second,...what makes things worse is that...

  现在,... 它们给我们的生活带来了许多危害。首先...其次...最糟糕的是...

  3.As far as ... is concerned 就...而言

  4.It can be said with certainty that...可以肯定地说...

  5.It has to be noticed that...必须注意到...

  6.It’s generally recognized that... 普遍认为...

  7.Nothing is more important than the fact that...没有什么比...更重要

  8.There’s no denying the fact that...不可否认...

  9.As the proverb says 正如谚语所说

  10.What’s far more important is that...更重要的是...


  1.Similarly, we should pay attention to...同样,我们要注意

  2.In this respect, we may as well (say )从这个角度上我们可以说

  3.As has been mentioned above…正如上面所提到的…

  4.In view of the present station鉴于目前形势

  5.However,the difficulty lies in…然而,困难在于…

  6.Further,we hold opinion that…此外,我们坚持认为,…

  7.But it's a pity that…但遗憾的是…

  8.As case in point is... 一个典型的例子是...

  9.But the problem is not so simple.Therefore... 然而问题并非如此简单,所以...

  10.For all that... 对于这一切...


  1.Therefore, we have the reason to believe that...因此,我们有理由相信...

  2.Therefore, in my opinion,it’s more advisable...因此,在我看来,更可取的是...

  3.All things considered 总而言之

  4.I will conclude by saying... 最后我要说...

  5.From what had been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that...通过以上结论,我们可以得出以下结论...

  6.The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that...通过数据我们得到的结论是...

  7.It can be concluded from the discussion that...从中我们可以得出这样的结论...

  8.From my point of view, it would be better if...在我看来...如果...也许更好


  give 短语

  1. give up 放弃

  2. give out 分发

  3. give away 赠送,分发

  4. give back 归还

  think 短语

  1.think of 想起,认为

  2.think up想出,提出

  3.think about考虑

  4.think over仔细考虑

  take 短语

  1. take up 占据(时间,空间)

  2. take after 与(父母等)相像

  3. take place 发生

  4. take care 小心,当心

  5. take off 脱下,起飞

  6. take out 拿出,取出

  7. take away 拿走,带走

  8. take down 取下

  9. take it easy 从容,不紧张

  10. take care of 照顾,照料

  11. take a rest 休息一下

  12. take a shower 洗澡

  13. take part in 参加

  14. take pride in 对...感到自豪

  15. take a photo 拍照

  16. take turns 轮流,依次

  17. take an interest in 对...感兴趣

  18. take a vacation 去度假

  19. take medicine 服药

  20. take an action 采取行动

  21. take a taxi 打的

  22. take one's advice 接受某人的建议


    keep 短语

  1. keep on 继续

  2. keep out 不让...进入,挡住

  3. keep off 使—不踏入

  4. keep away from 远离...

  5. keep...down 控制,抑制

  6. keep healthy/fit 保持健康

  7. keep from 隐瞒

  8. keep doing sth 一直做某事

  9. keep sb doing sth 使某人一直做某事

  10. keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事

  11. keep up 坚持,保持

  12. keep in touch with sb 与某人保持联系

  turn 短语

  1. turn on 打开

  2. turn off 关闭

  3. turn up 调大,放大

  4. turn down 调小,关小

  5. turn over 翻转过来

  6. turn left/right 向左转/向右转

  make 短语

  1. make up 编造,杜撰,构成,组成

  2. make a noise 吵闹

  3. make a decision 做决定

  4. make room for 为----腾地方

  5. make a face 做鬼脸

  6. make mistakes 犯错误

  7. make the bed 铺床

  8. make friends 交朋友

  9. make a living 谋生,度日

  10. make money 赚钱

  11. make progress 取得进步

  12. make it 约定,成功,及时赶到

  13. make sure 务必,确保

  14. make a plan 制定计划

  15. make a telephone call 打电话

  16. make up one’s mind 下决心

  17. make sb feel at home 使某人感到宾至如归

  18. make a contribution to 为...做贡献


     come 短语

  1. come over 顺便来访

  2. come true 实现,达到

  3. come out 出来,开放,出版

  4. come on 加油,来吧

  5. come back 回来

  6. come up with 想出,提出

  7. come in 进来

  8. come along 出现,发生,来到

  9. come from 来自,产自

  10. come across 遇见,(偶然)发现

  on 短语

  1. on duty 值日,值班

  2. on time 准时,按时

  3. on foot 步行

  4. on vacation 度假

  5. on sale 销售,出售

  6. on TV 在电视里

  7. on display 展出,陈列

  8. on board 在船上

  9. on the Internet 在网上

  10. on the radio 在收音机里

  11. on one’s way 在—的路上

  12. on weekends 在周末

  13. on the other hand 另一方面

  14. on the left/right 在左边/右边

  15. on the phone 用电话交谈,在通话

  16. on the wall 在墙上

  17. depend on 依靠,依赖,取决于

  18. get on 上车,相处,进展

  19. work on 从事,忙于,演算

  20. put on 穿上,戴上

  21. turn on 打开

  22. try on 试穿,试戴

  23. pass on 传递

  24. hold on 稍等片刻

  25. go on 继续

  26. decide on 决定

  27. concentrate on 专心,专注

  28. live on 以...为生

  29. spend...on 在...花费

  30. come on 加油,来吧

  in 短语

  1. in all 总共,共计

  2. in class 在班上

  3. in English 用英语

  4. in short 总之,简言之

  5. in a hurry 匆忙

  6. in the end 最后,终于

  7. in the future 在将来

  8. in time 及时

  9. in fact 事实上,实际上

  10. in bed 在床上

  11. in hospital 住院

  12. in the way 碍事的,挡道的

  13. in this way 这样

  14. in red 穿着红衣服

  15. in danger 处于危险中

  16. in trouble 处于困境中

  17. in a minute 立刻,马上

  18. in surprise 惊奇地,惊讶地

  19. in public 当众,公开

  20. in general 大体上,一般而言,通常

  21. in common 共有的,公有的

  22. in style 时尚的

  23. in good health 身体健康

  24. in front of 在...前面

  25. in the sun 在阳光下

  26. in the past few years 在过去几年时间里

  27. in order to 为了

  28. in the past 在过去

  29. do well in 在...方面干得好

  30. major in 专修,主修

  31. be interested in 对...感兴趣

  32. take part in 参加

  33. be weak in 在...差

  34. take pride in 以...而自豪

  35.hand in 上交,交纳

  36. arrive in 到达(大地点)


 at 短语

  1. at once 立刻,马上

  2. at least 至少

  3. at most 最多

  4. at last 最后

  5. at home 在家

  6. at noon 在中午

  7. at night 在夜晚

  8. at times 有时,偶尔

  9. at school 在上学

  10. at table 在吃饭

  11. at present 目前,现在

  12. at work 在工作

  13. at all 全然,根本

  14. at the age of 在...岁时

  15. at the end of 在...结尾

  16. at the moment 此刻,现在

  17. at the same time 同时

  18. at first 首先

  19. aim at 旨在,目的是

  20. knock at 敲击

  21. look at 看着

  22. shout at 叫喊,叫嚷

  23. point at 指着

  24. arrive at 到达

  25. be good at 对...干得好

  26. be angry at 对...生气

  27. be surprised at对...感到惊讶

  28. laugh at 嘲笑

  29. arrive at (小地点)

  up 短语

  1. give up 放弃

  2. take up 占据,占去,从事

  3. put up 举起,挂起,张贴,搭建

  4. set up 建立,创立

  5. open up 打开,开阔

  6. dress up 乔装打扮

  7. stay up 熬夜,不睡觉

  8. wake up 醒来,唤醒,叫醒

  9. look up 向上看,查阅

  10. cheer up 使...振作

  11. end up 以...结束,结果为...

  12. go up 升起,上升

  13. hurry up 赶快

  14. use up 用光,用完

  15. show up 出席,露面

  16. stand up 起立,站起来

  17. make up 编造,构成,化妆

  18. think up 想出,提出

  19. cut up 切碎

  20. pick up 捡起,乘搭便车

  21. mix up 混合

  22. call up 打电话

  23. grow up 成长,长大

  24. ring up 打电话

  25. clean up 把...打扫干净

  26. fix up 修理,修补

  27. get up 起床

  28. keep up 保持,坚持

  29. fill up 装满

  30. send up 发射

  out 短语

  1. give out 给出,分发

  2. hand out 分发

  3. hang out 闲逛

  4. break out 爆发

  5. sell out 卖完,售完

  6. look out 向外看,小心

  7. go out 出去,熄灭

  8. put out 伸出去,熄灭,扑灭

  9. keep out 不使...进入

  10. find out 查明,弄清

  11. run out 用完,用尽

  12. take out 拿出,取出,带出

  13. clean out 把...打扫干净,清除

  14. come out 出来,开放,出版

  15. work out 产生结果,算出

  16. point out 指出

  17. help sb out 帮助某人解决困难

  18. get out 出去,离开